Weekend Getaways From Singapore: Hoi An, Vietnam | Magical Ancient Town | Beachside and An Sen Boutique Villas

I’ve always been a fan of small towns. That feeling when you get lost inside those tiny streets. Fan of places that look like the time stopped. Places of warm people. People that smile and say hello to you on the street.

Now imagine a place like that just painted in yellow and covered with colorful lanterns! Sound unreal?

Yes, but it really exists. Placed in Vietnam. And it is the most magical city that I’ve ever seen, especially when the night comes.

Hoi An.

Yellow city. Ancient city. The UNESCO World Heritage Centre. City of lanterns and tailor-made clothes.

PART I: Beachside Of Hoi An

There are two sides to this city that are totally opposite – vibrant and loud Old Town and peaceful beachside of the city.

Depend on what you prefer, you can choose where to stay.

If you are like me and love vibrant cities, but at the end of a day you just want to go to some quiet place and enjoy the sound of insects and a glass of wine – then you will choose the beachside to stay in.

Here we found a perfect place – An Sen Boutique Villas!

Placed in Cam Thanh area. Just 15 minutes of a taxi ride away from the old town and at the same time recognized as an β€˜Eco Green’ area by the United Nations. It is surrounded by rice fields, temples, coconut forests, and country lanes. All of these will let you experience the truly traditional, tranquil way of Vietnamese life.

Besides these amazing surroundings, the villa itself is so beautiful both outside and inside! It’s so clear that every little detail and corner is made with so much love. And when I found out that a family runs this place I understood the whole beauty and coziness of the place.

I’m the kind of person who can get super excited about little things that found beautiful. For example, I can get so thrilled when I see a beautiful coffee cup or a notebook or a flower or… floor tiles! And I can talk about it like 15 minutes. Yes. That’s me.

So, I hope you’ll understand the endless photos below because this place inspired me so much!

When I was in Bali I have tried so many different types of coffees including the most expensive one, Kopi Luwak. And I have to say that Vietnamese coffee is waaay more delicious.

Couldn’t resist those boho vibes πŸ™‚

And the room view!

Do you think the room inspired me? Wait to see how many photos I can make on this tiny balcony πŸ˜€ So small balcony, but so huge inspiration with those yellow walls, wooden fence, and black and white tiles!

Yes, this place is amazing, but I’m always saying it’s not about the place. It’s about people.

The family that runs this place was the cutest host ever. They cared so much about us and every little detail. For example, they were waiting for us to wake up and then prepare the whole breakfast. Even though they have an amazing breakfast menu I got stuck to my favorite – passion fruit, yogurt granola, passion fruit juice and one more time – coffee πŸ™‚

When you are in Vietnam, having a pool is a lifesaver! πŸ˜€ Especially this time of year. The temperature in Vietnam is like 100 degrees combine with humidity. Perfect for skin and hair.

Talking about the pool…

I said I will never EVER use those animal floats. Especially I won’t take a picture…

Also me…

Of course, they have a special bamboo shower πŸ™‚

When you finally decide to leave this relaxing piece of heaven, one of my favorite things to do here – take a bicycle ride through the village all the way to the beach.

The villa has its own bicycles, so you can take them anytime.

The whole trip to the beach will make you feel like you are in a movie. The scenery is breathtaking. And the most interesting detail – they have radios placed on lamppost all along the streets. So, while cycling you’re listening to the local music.

The first stop on this little trip – find a local restaurant.

Even though it’s a small village, still you can find restaurants where you can try amazing local food. Pho soup, spring rolls, seafood with brown rice… you can’t make a mistake.

We found one near our villa and it was delicious! And when I said restaurant I meant this…

Yes, this is the restaurant πŸ˜€ Still they have good Google reviews, menu, a few tables, and good wifi! So, full package πŸ˜€

On the way to the beach, it would be really a pity not to have some spa time. And what a coincidence – there was one on our way. Ginger spa.

Aaaand the last but not the least…


You need only 10 minutes of a bicycle ride to the nearest beach. 20 minutes to this beautiful Hidden beach.

You can guess how in love I was with their authentic fishing boats πŸ™‚

To be continued…


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Ahh, we loved an Sen as much as you did, although your pictures are much better!!! We were the family with a spider man wate baby haha I love all your travel posts, it is our dream to travel – if only we had the means to do it full time!!! I will keep posted on your blog!

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