Weekend Getaways From Singapore: Hoi An, Vietnam | Magical Ancient City | Old Town

I’m baaaack! After a “short” break. 🙂

Apologize for that, but I’ll make it up to you. Just wait until the end of the post.

In case you haven’t read part one about this magical Vietnamese city – click here! Or read it one more time? Why not. 🙂

As I said before, Hoi An is a small Asian city that left me speechless. It is the UNESCO World Heritage Centre with the most authentic appearance. This small city has its two sides – calming beachside and vibrant chaotic Old Town.

And part two is all about this beautiful chaos!

Hoi An used to be one of the major trading centers in Southeast Asia during the 16th century. Chinese temples, a Japanese-designed bridge, pagodas, wooden shop-houses, French-colonial houses, and old canals – all these beautifully preserved. With just a few steps you can feel the soul of the city.

If you want to fully experience the vibrant life of Hoi An and have a feeling as you went back in time you should choose to stay in the Old city. So much energy, music, people in one place. So many authentic restaurants, bars, pubs, amazing riverside for taking a walk, and all of this at your fingertips.

This beautiful chaotic city is literally a piece of heaven for photographers and people who love taking photos! That’s why so far it’s my number one place when it comes to traveling.

During the sightseeing, I was so thrilled! Ok, I’m not sure is thrilled right word to describe me back then 😀

All those yellow walls, tiny streets, cute local people that wear their traditional hats the whole time… my eyes were burning! Every little detail was so photogenic and inspiring!

I was chasing this lady with fruit baskets like crazy and failed. But… I have a friend who was sooo kind to give me this precious photo! So, thanks Ivan if you’re reading this 🙂

The amazing thing is that these yellow walls are not alone. All the street poles carry radios, so while you’re enjoying the visual journey you’re listening to music the whole time!

Also, these yellow walls hide a large number of tailor-made shops. There are more than 200 tailor-made shops! You can choose to make a custom made shirt, skirt, dress, jumpsuit or even a suit. You’ll just need to choose the perfect fabrics and there is an enormous selection of it. Your suit will be finished in 3 days 🙂

When it comes to Hoi An, there are only two things that can distract you – a lot of loud drivers and huge humidity.

But, where there is a problem – there is a solution 🙂

An ice-cold glass of wine and nice place a little bit away from traffic.

We chose a place with the STUNNING view of a river and lanterns.

GAM – a wine place and at the same time Gemstone Arts Museum.

A hundred-year-old colonial building located in the heart of Hoi An but still in the peaceful part of the city.

This riverside part is so beautiful especially when the night falls with all those boats and lanterns, so choosing one of the restaurants beside the river was the best decision. Almost every restaurant has a lot of balconies where you can enjoy the view under the lanterns.

After dinner, there’s a dessert – of course 🙂

And don’t be lazy to leave the restaurant for the…


Thick pancakes filled with bananas and covered with Nutella and coconut! I wouldn’t change a thing here.

Aaaaand we all know that the real magic begins when the night falls. Just after you ate the pancake 🙂

Lanterns’ time!

Every little tiny street covered with lanterns. Every balcony. Every shop. Every cafe.

And you think this is magic??

Then how I can explain the following…

A river full of boats. Boats full of lanterns. While driving in one of these boats you get a paper lantern with a candle in it. You light up the candle and release the lantern on the river. It is said that it brings good fortune and love.

Not enough lanterns?? Need more?!

Then the perfect end of the day would be this cute rooftop bar. Full of lanterns. Of course.

The Chef Restaurant & Cafe.

Amazing view od Hoi An houses’ roofs. Nice summer breeze that is much needed here. A perfect glass of wine and a portion of shrimps in coconut sauce.

And to make it up to you… a little something extra from me 🙂

Big thanks to my boyfriend for always being so supportive and patient with all my photo and video instructions 😀 and my best friend Ena who edited this like in our old golden times!

Until the next Petit Escape!


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