Weekend Getaways From Singapore: Unique Experiences in Bangkok

Describe Bangkok in 3 words.

Chaotic. Vibrant. Hot.

And the most visited city in the world!

1. First World Problem

Where to eat?

“Chibi Chibi” – small and cozy cafe placed in a tiny street distanced from the city chaos. The perfect choice when you get tired of crowdy and loudly Bangkok and want to have a peaceful meal. Homemade food, organic vegetables, and craft coffee. Order some scrambled eggs with grilled vegetables and enjoy the great music.

2. Is this safe?

When you are in Bangkok – TUK TUK ride is a must. With all that traffic jam and no traffic rules, getting to the wanted destination is the hardest thing ever, but super fun! Colorful interior and crazy drive. From time to time you’ll have a feeling that you’re going to fall out of it, but that’s the charm.

And if you ask me, choosing between taxi/grab, that will never pick you up or maybe they will but in a half an hour, or taking a walk which looks like you’re passing a game level (there are no sidewalks, there are no traffic lights for pedestrians and there are a lot of traffic jam)… so tuk tuk is the best choice, if you ask me!

P.s. try to find one with a speaker so you can connect it via Bluetooth and enjoy your playlist. Priceless.

3. All those glitters

The Grande Palace.

Even though it is the most touristic spot of Bangkok, the crowd couldn’t ruin the beauty of this place. Shining surfaces all covered with mirrors and glass mosaics and all that gold are glinting so strong in the sun… you won’t see anything else.

4. Stairway to heaven?

“Wat Arun” or “The Temple of Dawn”, named for the Hindu god of the dawn, Arun. It’s 300 years old and all decorated with tiny pieces of seashells, colored glass, and Chinese porcelain. And it is said that actually is best known for its appearance at sunset when its silhouette is illuminated against the river.

It won’t be an easy task to climb all those stairs while it’s 36 degrees outside, but it will be worth it.

And you just need 5-minute walk from The Grande Palace to the boat that will drive you across the river where it’s placed.

5. Real heaven

Imagine a place where you can be surrounded by all your favorite creatures. Feels like heaven?

I found that one – Little zoo cafe!

Meerkats, Foxes, Raccoons, Parrots, Dogs, Cats, Monkey, Rabbit, Owl… all together in one place! And the best part – YOU CAN PET THEM, HOLD THEM, LOVE THEM!


And the most important part – these animals are treated very well and they look really happy and they are truly loved by the staff!

This is owl Maka. When you pronounce her name with a high-pitched voice, she will answer you with the cutest voice.

On the right side – normal Owl appearance when she saw me. On the left side – not so happy Owl when she saw my boyfriend. πŸ˜€

Aaaand the award for the cutest couple goes to….

Petting all these animals… my bucked list πŸ™‚

6. Life is sweet

Just around the corner, a few minutes from the little zoo cafe, you can find a Mango paradise. And when in Bangkok, Mango is the number one fruit!

Mango tango cafe.

You can choose between mango smoothies, juices, mango slices with ice cream or sticky rice or just a plate of mango slices.

7. Think Pink

Let’s continue with those authentic cafes in Bangkok. This one is the most Instagramable, I think.

Pink Planter cafe.

Would you be brave enough to try some coral pink pancakes, pink taco ice-cream or milk tea with brown sugar jelly and pink cotton candy on top? πŸ™‚

If not – just create some Instagram content.

8. MarketLand

Yes, I said it’s super hard to take a walk in this city, but you should do it. For one reason.

Only by taking a walk you can find a lot of hidden markets. Markets that sell great vintage clothes, all kind of accessories, fruits, smoothies, and FOOD!

For example – Rainbow one. Full of accessories and vintage clothes.

Or Pirate Islands with various food options.

Forget about dinner at fancy restaurants πŸ™‚

9. Let me introduce you…

Chinese Fruit royalty!

The king of fruits – Durian and the queen – Mangosteen.

Durian – the only fruit banned from some airports, hotels, public transportation. Why? Because it smells divine πŸ˜€ For me, it was like eating meat that tastes like onion. But it is extremely healthy. Mangosteen, on the other hand, has a juicy, yummy, refreshing and sweet taste.

Why king and queen? Because durian is β€˜warming’ due to its pungent smell and rich consistency, however, the mangosteen is β€˜cooling’ because of its juicy flesh and slightly acidic taste.

When I said MarketLand, I really mean it πŸ™‚

10. Chatuchak market

The largest market in Thailand and one of the largest in the world!

Here you can find literally anything – from vintage clothes, food, massage, tattooing, flowers, furniture to art galleries. There are 27 huge sections!

Just, remember a few things: you’ll need at least half of the day, so wear comfortable shoes and light clothes cause it’s hot hot hot! Find the section that you are interested in, cause you can’t walk randomly, it would take the whole weekend and if you like something – buy immediately, cause you won’t find it later when you decide. And the most important thing – buy a fan and find a place to rest and drink a refreshing smoothie.

11. One night in Bangkok

I’m not a clubbing person, but this… this is something different πŸ™‚

Train Night Market.

Very popular among locals and young people.

Beside regular market stuff (food, drinks, clothes…) here you can also find some nightlife vibes – a lot of great bars, loud music and positive energy.

Choose one of the bars, order a Singha beer and enjoy!

12. A whole new world

You know how much I love markets. Vintage markets, flea markets, farmers’, food, weekend, night markets, any market… That’s my thing.

My travel essentials are: food tasting and market visiting.

Can you imagine my happiness and excitement when I saw…

Khlong Lad Mayom – Floating Market.

You can take a long tail boat ride along the canal and enjoy the view.

You’ll see the real Thai life, how they live, their houses surrounded by lotus flowers, how they use canals for the transport, temples. You can see a huge comodo dragon swimming on one side of the canal and on the other side children swimming. Monks sitting in front of their temples and washing their clothes. Old people just sitting beside the canal and watching passengers. Stunning.

Then take a break and visit the Orchid Farm πŸ™‚

Until the next adventure! πŸ™‚


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