Weekend Getaways From Singapore: Four Seasons Hotel, Jakarta – “me time” and some self-love

What happens when you mix a nice hotel room, a camera, and a girl?

No, not that 😀

I mean…

Clothes everywhere. Loud music. A lot of dancing. A lot of singing.

Makeup everywhere. Jumping on a bed. Crazy behavior.

Bathtub full of foam. Bathroom full of foam.

Coffee everywhere. Chaos everywhere.



Before I even start with a billion photos that I made that day, just a few words about this amazing place.

Four Seasons Hotel is placed in the heart of Jakarta’s business district, so it’s a perfect place for both work or visiting the city, or just wanting to relax and re-charge. From the moment you step into the hotel, you will be greeted with super smiling staff that is sooo polite. They’ve been very flexible about everything, including late check-out which was very important to us as we had a late flight. All in all, they were ready to make our stay very comfortable.

The interior, of course, is breathtaking! Real luxury heaven with all those art pieces, high ceilings, stunning chandeliers, golden details, flowers, gorgeous floor… it was like the real visual journey!

Three different designers and architects worked together, combining their ideas that made this place so magical. One of them was New York-based interior designer – Alexandra Champalimaud. She fell in love with Jakarta and she designed this place by being inspired by local culture and tradition, but at the same time, she wanted to leave a timelessness note. Actually, the local culture, history, and traditions of both Asian and European were mixed here.

Now I hope you understand how I made all those photos – this place is pure inspiration!

“Bedtime story”

Fresh white sheets that smell sooo nice, large soft pillows, the comfiest mattress in the world and waking up with the morning sunlight…

To be honest, I would come here just for sleeping! Literally.

Breakfast in bed?

In the fluffiest, comfiest bed ever?!

You already know how much I love breakfast time, well, cappuccino with soy milk and their healthy breakfast… in a bed like this… I mean. I just can’t.

And just to mention, healthy breakfast includes granola made with fruit and yogurt, strawberry smoothie, fruit plate, cappuccino aaaaand, egg white omellete with cherry tomatoes and asparagus. I was eating this breakfast for the whole day 😀

I finally got out of the bed. Now let’s talk about THIS piece of furniture.

“Sofa story”

When you get out of bed and open huge white doors with golden details, you can see a room working space. Working table, a small table, chairs, a huge window with a stunning view and there is… a sofa.

Can someone fall in love with a piece of furniture?

Placed by this window and THE view. Surrounded by that “vintagy” vibe, lights, and omg, wallpaper. For a few years now, I’ve been obsessed with floral wallpapers. And these are something special. So elegant, so vintage at the same time.

Again, I would like to have a whole day just laying here and reading a book.

Let’s blame few cappuccino cups for the following photos…

Do you know how kids feel when they show up in a room full of toys?

Well, the same feeling bloggers have when they show up in a place full of marble 🙂

“Marble story”

Ok, let’s sum up.

One day would be just for the fluffy bed, sleeping, watching movies.

The other day would be sofa day and reading books.

The third day would be here… hours and hours of pampering. Bathtub full of warm water and foam. Mask on my face. Mask on my hear. Pure indulgence.

“Pool story”

I would always choose swimming over the gym. Especially in a place like this.

Pool with gorgeous tiles and flower trees that are spreading above… something to die for. Swimming with flowers that are falling off the threes…

It took some time just to choose the most perfect spot to lay down, cause every corner is amazing!

The best way to finish the zen day?

“Wine story”

A glass of wine and the stunning balcony. The stunning view. The stunning interior. That’s it.

In the end, just can’t miss this cute little detail… 🙂

Sit and enjoy your elevator ride.

My day wasn’t supposed to be like this. I was supposed to go to an event, but at the last moment, things changed. On the other hand, traffic in Jakarta didn’t allow me to go out and explore the city, so I decided to stay here and create my own stories.

Nevermind, if you’re in a 5-star hotel or somewhere else. I believe it’s so important that you are able to have fun by yourself. That you can spend the whole day alone and enjoy those moments.

Do you know what’s the key?

Passion. Finding and having your own passion. With it, you can never feel alone or boring. You’ll be deeply happy. Not relying on anyone to make you feel like that 🙂

Me, Myself And Camera.


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