Weekend Getaways From Singapore: Phi Phi Islands – Hidden Heaven On Earth | 10 things to do

“Trust me, it’s paradise. This is where the hungry come to feed. “

Richard, The Beach

Couldn’t agree more with you, Leo. 😀

This is the place where time slows down.

Easy morning. Easy afternoon. Easy nights.

The place where you can reach the peak of your zen mode.

The place of barefoot people. Messy hair. Salty skin. No makeup. Just swimsuit and oversized t-shirt. The only goal is to relax and enjoy. Nothing else matters.

Oh, that island life…

1. Where to stay?

Perfect location, stunning balcony/sea view and infinity pool…

PP Princess Resorts.

Placed literally on the beach, super close to clubs and restaurants but at the same time peaceful and cozy place. Infinity pool overlooking the sea with its pool lounges – just breathtaking! The whole resort is surrounded by palm and banana trees and colorful flowers, like a small tropical heaven.

Staff is super polite, breakfast is mmm… Every morning you get to choose between omelettes, fruits, pancakes, french toast, cereals, pasta, fish dishes, rice, pastry… But me, I will never get bored of these exotic fruits. Ok, one morning a pancake accidentally appeared on my plate so I had to eat it, right?

Not to forget – balcony view. Here, in the morning you’ll just need a cup of coffee. In the evening a glass of wine. Sea view and the most amazing sunrise and sunsets.

Room view

2. #1 Activity!

Long-tail boat and private tour around the islands.

You can choose between speed-boat or long-tail boat. But I think that the second one is more authentic and will even more spice up the sailing.

First stop – Bamboo Island!

This island is a national park with the most pinkish-white sand and the most turquoise clear water I’ve ever seen. The best part – despite its beauty, it isn’t crowded, so you can fully enjoy the nature and peace.

Next stop – Loh Moo Dee Beach.

That moment when you find a tropical paradise and it’s just for you. Uncrowded. Wild.

Isolated beach with no hotels. Just a cute hut with a few chairs under the palm trees with an emerald sea view.

Pileh Lagoon!

If there is the most amazing building in the world or some achitectural miracle in front of me, it can’t take my breath away as the nature can!

While we were sailing, in one moment from the left side, the whole new world appeared.

The most incredible crystal clear water surrounded with these amazing huge rocks. The water is shallow so you can walk around or just float on the water. It’s like the most amazing natural pool.

The last stop…

Monkey beach!

If you follow me, you already know how much I love animals, so this stop was a must! And monkeys will never ever bored me, I found them so funny, like little bad guys. You can literally see on their sneaky faces while they’re trying to make some trouble 🙂 And watching them in their natural habitat – priceless!

And one more time, let’s pay attention to this crazy emerald water…

3. When the night falls…

Banana bar and movie nights! 🙂

While you’re having the most delicious dinner you can watch movies on the big screen. Well… the most of the time is actually one movie 😀

The Beach of course!

Great atmosphere, always crowded, great food and amazing interior!

4. When in Asia…


We chose the massage place just a cross the street from our apartment and it was perfect. There are a numerous studios, so it’s super easy to find one.

5. Where? What?

…to eat?

Chill Lay restaurant. Fried crab with yellow curry.

The whole place is super cute with all those walls covered with customer’s messages from all around the world.

I chose this place to be the first one to try crab and it was a-ma-zing! And of course – green curry soup which you can’t miss.

I want to mention a few more great places to eat – Garlic 1992, Acqua, Italiano bar, La Mamita. And when it comes to food, I didn’t experiment much, always sticked to Green curry soup and Pad Thai 🙂

Green Curry Soup
Pad Thai

6. Phi Phi souvenir

Trip to Thailand can be so special and different from any other trip that maybe you would like to bring home more than just a fridge magnet or wooden elephant lamp 🙂

Bamboo tattoo.

This technique is a little different than one that we used to see. It is a hand-poking technique. Needle is placed at the end of a long, slender pole that can be made out of metal or wood.

It is believed that in Thailand bamboo tattooing began in the Buddhist temples when monks performed sak yant tattoos (mystical symbols with religious context). Monks and Thai soldiers would receive those religious text tattoos from grand master monks for protection, strength, and invisibility.

If you are a tattoo fan and you want to feel this cultural experience, Phi Phi is the perfect place to do that. On almost every corner you can find a tattoo studio.

7. Beach Day All Day

As I said at the beginning of this post, PP Princess resort is placed literally on the beach, so it’s a 2-minute walk to come to this beautiful huge white-sand beach.

The only “problem” here are strong tides, around 2 pm starts the fall of sea level and around 3 pm you need to walk like 5 minutes just to touch the water. And you can forget about swimming until 6,7 pm 🙂

Path to the beach

8. Beach Night

I’m one of those people who get excited EVER-SINGLE-TIME when the pink sky appear. And this Thai sky is unreal!

Every day, around 6 starts this amazing sky show. From light yellow/beige to orange. From orange to pink. From pink to purple. From purple to navy blue.

So, why leave the beach after tanning? 🙂

9. Kayaking

Usually when there is a beach and sun, I find my perfect spot. Spot without the smallest shade. So, I can tan properly. Half an hour laying on my back. Turn around. Half an hour – on my stomach. Fall a sleep. Go into the water in order not to pass put. Back to the sun. Repeat everything.

But, this time I wanted to try kayaking and it was actully fun! A little bit stressful, cause you know… sharks and everything. But, fun.

We paddled out to this nearest empty and wild small beach and enjoy the sound of waves and insects.

10. Teeny-tiny street lover

Even though it’s a very small Island, you should take a walk through those tiny and cute streets full of pubs, clubs, tattoo places and souvenir shops. And cats. 🙂

They are so charming.

Few more advices…

  1. Don’t get so excited about boat ride and leave your slippers on the beach (read: me)
  2. No, it isn’t fun watching “The Impossible” movie about Tsunami that happened here while staying in the hotel just next to the beach.
  3. Also, the sharks documentary movie
  4. Aaaand, don’t try to hang out with monkeys on the beach, specially not to argue with them. They bite (read: my boyfriend) 😀

And for the end, something extra this time 🙂

’till the next adventure!


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