My name is Ana and I live for the things that feed my soul. 

Born in Belgrade, Serbia. Spent a year in Singapore then returned to Belgrade, where my heart belongs. I have graduated from the faculty of Economics and worked in marketing and advertising. However, I have always been interested in fashion and photography. So, I didn’t want to choose between my passions, and I have merged all tree: marketing, photography, fashion in one – I have started a blog and shared my work on Instagram, so also I became a part of the influence marketing.

I like:

Marketing, fashion, vintage photography. Animals. Flowers. Tattoos. Piercings. Painting. Pinterest. A glass of a cold beer. Summer. Dragonflies. People. Vintage vibes. Palm trees. Traveling. Making of collages. Seafood. Morning coffee. Messy hair. France. French movies. Xavier Dolan. Yoga. Electronica, experimental, R&B trip hop,  indie pop. Music!

I don’t like:

Negative energy and people who condemn.

As a photographer:

When I was a child I could be sitting for hours and hours just watching my mom’s and dad’s old photos. Even then I fell in love with vintage photography. So I have always wanted to create my photos that will have that same vintage feel, a little bit faded, a little bit damaged, not so vivid. The less perfect they looked, the more I loved them.

I will always catch a moment that has a soul and tells a story, so you will be able to feel the photo, not just to see it.