5 Ways To Wear A Kimono

For me, freedom is…

Being myself. Being positive. Being barefoot.

No makeup. Messy hair. Oversized sleepshirt.

Letting go of bad things. Growth mindset. Not being afraid. Not comparing myself to others.

Having a job where you won’t hate Mondays. Traveling. Enjoying the moment.

Not counting the calories.

Wearing a Kimono.

1. Kimono On the beach!

  • When you don’t want to be all dressed up, but still want to be pretty and fashionable;
  • When it’s time to make a break from tanning and go to the beach bar;
  • When you want to make the most stunning beach photos.

2. Kimono on a hot summer day!

  • When you want to take a walk;
  • When your dog wants to take a walk;
  • When you just want to change your sneakers for heels and be ready for the night;
  • When you are having a coffee with your friend;
  • When you need to go for shopping;
  • When it’s… summertime 🙂

P.s. denim shorts, white shirt and flittering kimono – perfect summer outfit.

3. Kimono At work?

  • When it’s casual Friday;
  • When it’s not a casual Friday;
  • When you want to spice up your day at the office;
  • When you want to go for a drink after work;
  • When you’re feeling moody and tired;
  • When you’re on your vacay…mentally…

4. Kimono At Night

  • When you’re sick of basic dresses;
  • When you’re not sure whether you’ll end up in a bar or a club;
  • When you want to feel sexy, but not too sexy;
  • When you want to bring that “Geysha” vibe.

5. Kimono At Bachelorette Party

  • When you want to skip wearing that “she said yes”, “I do”, “game over”… cliche bridesmaids’ t-shirt;
  • When you all want to look like a flower bouquet;
  • When you want a super fun outfit!

Kimono is freedom. Wearing kimono means you have a strong character because there is no “oh I don’t know how to wear it, I’m feeling silly and weird” such a thing! Kimono is a self-confidence. Kimono is creativity. Kimono is breaking some daily routine.

And all these beautiful things you can find here – in the Kimono heaven 🙂

Grab your piece of freedom and make this spring and summer amazing!


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